Radio and Core Optimization

What is this Service?

Radio and core optimization are key challenges in any Mobile Network and are pursued analyzing measurements data, highlighting the potential improvement areas, identifying and implementing the proper solutions (e.g., Network parameter changes, optimizing the offered capacity, introducing new network features).

Who is interested in this Service?

Telecom Operators, Vendors and Managed services Vendors.

What are the main Specifications of this Service?

NAK is specialized in performing radio and core optimization, including monitoring and analyzing radio and core performances by means of OSS systems and field tests and end-user QoS performances. This is in order to identify performance or capacity issues, to recommend necessary corrective plans to ultimately improve the service delivered to the end-user.

RF Optimization includes:

1. Radio coverage, capacity and license assessment

2. Nominal cell plan review

3. Worst performing elements management

4. Trouble tickets requested from NO to have faults rectified

5. Radio resource management

6. Neighboring, handover and mobility strategy definition and re-planning

7. Report including information on the level and type of traffic in the network and the e2e services performance. Solution design report containing:

      - Solution description (including standard operational environment)

      - Requirement specification

      - Realization outline

      - Integration plan

8. Customer complaints solutions

9. Capacity Plan for service/resource changes Defining missing neighbor relations

10. Proposing new sites or sector additions with Before & After coverage plots

11. Proposing antenna type/azimuth/tilt changes

12. Re-tuning of interfered frequencies

13. AFP.

In order to help the radio optimization team achieve the target radio KPIs, a team of PS and CS core Optimizers is proposed also.

The Core Support Service Delivery includes:

1. Core Network problem identification (worse performance and suspected cause)

2. Provide recommendations on corrective actions to be carried out for the network in order to resolve the bottleneck and improve the network performance

3. Troubleshooting Core network by collecting complete call specific data using a Real time traffic monitoring tool

4. Reporting.

Values to Service Receivers

NAK Optimization services aim at improving Network and Service performances to increase customer satisfaction.

Service Receivers Testimony (References)

1. Customer: MCI, Project: 2G Radio Optimization, Scope: 3,000 Sites (430,00 TRXs), Year: September 2013, Status: on-going

2. Customer: MCI, Project: 2G/3G/4G Core Planning, Scope: 7M Subscribers, Year: September 2013, Status: on-going

3. Customer: MCI, Project: 3G Radio Optimization, Scope: 1,300 Sites, Year: July 2014, Status: on-going

4. Customer: MCI, Project: 4G Radio Optimization, Scope: 200 Sites, Year: November 2014, Status: on-going.