Service Description

What is this Service?

Site Administrative management (SAM) provides administrative support such as contract management, payment management, permission acquisition and site surveillance, during site life cycle.

Who is interested in this Service?

Telecom Operators, Vendors and Managed services Vendors.

What are the main Specifications of this Service?

1. Lease Agreement Negotiation

2. Land Lord Relationship Management

3. OPEX control and payments (of lease, contractual amendment, power and damage claims)

4. Site and infrastructure sharing agreements with other telecom operators

5. Managing site security (electronic systems) and site surveillance (patrolling services)

6. Help-desk for site access coordination and land lord support services.

Values to Service Receivers

Site Administrative Management, which was suggested to MCI and provided for the first time in Iran, allows to establish and maintain effective relationships with private land lords and governmental organizations, through constant relationships, on-time contract renewals and payments.

Site accessibility improvements and access control, through well-established processes and Tools.

Service Receivers Testimony (References)

1. Customer: MCI, Project: Contract Renewal, Scope: 500 sites in Tehran, Started in year 2013, Status: on-going

2. Customer: MCI, Project: Lease Payment, Scope: 2000 sites in Tehran, Started in year 2014, Status: on-going

3. Customer: MCI, Project: Electronic Security, Scope: 150 sites in Tehran, Year: 2015, Status: started

4. Customer: MCI, Project: Patrolling, Scope: Tehran, Year: 2015, Status: started.