Guides and instructions

Our values are our compass to show the right way. We maintain core principles and practices in the area of corporate responsibility. Our principles and policies guide our actions with our colleagues, customers and vendors in the areas of governance and ethics, privacy, information security, quality, environment, health and safety At NAK Sourcing, we seek to optimize efficiencies and deliver maximum value for our customers. We do this through our dedicated work to create and nurture relationships with partners and Suppliers. To achieving best result of deliverables on Products and services and to ensure that business is conducted properly, all Suppliers should pass NAK evaluation practice to make sure they comply with NAK requirements from commercial/financial & technical point of view. The Sourcing Process : At NAK Sourcing to obtaining success on our Customer’s goals we follow 7 steps of strategic sourcing procedure as below:

Profile the category:
1- to Understand everything about the spend category
2-Supply market analysis: to Identify potential new global and local Suppliers. Study the cost components of the product or service, and analyze the Suppliers.
3-Develop the strategy: to Deciding where to buy while minimizing risk and costs is how you develop the strategic sourcing strategy.
4-Select the sourcing process: to use a Request for Proposal process for soliciting bids. It includes product or service specifications, delivery and service requirements, pricing breakdown and legal and financial terms and conditions.
5-Negotiate and select Suppliers: The final selection is usually done by the team and signed off as per the approval process.
6-Implement and integrate: Notify the successful Suppliers and ensure that they are involved in the implementation process.
7-Benchmarking and tracking results: starting with Benchmarking the current status of the commodity or category, monitoring the results and ensuring that full value is being achieved.