Complete realization of the objectives of the project of repairing the Hamrah Aval national network generators by the Naghsh Aval Keyfiat company's engineers

  • event 2021-09-11
  • person PR NAK
The planning, focus and perseverance of the Naghsh Aval Keyfiat company's engineers in achieving the predetermined goals, in addition to the full realization of the national generators repair project targets, has resulted in the satisfaction of the employer and the large number of Hamrah Aval subscribers.

According to public relations, while challenges such as the outbreak of the new species of coronavirus and increasing traffic restrictions, lack of equipment and extreme heat seemed to hinder the progress of development projects, but the efforts of the managers and employees of the Naghsh Aval Keyfiat company, especially the national generator repair and maintenance project, indicate more than 100% progress and the full realization of the goals in the last year.

 Creating and maintaining a stable network for the best operator in Iran is one of the most important missions and tasks of Naghsh Aval Keyfiat Company, as the largest affiliated company with Hamrah Aval company, and this important issue is being planned and followed up in all parts of the company in every moments and times. One of the projects that can play an effective role in preventing power outages and blackouts in different seasons, especially in summer, and causing sustainability of this network of millions subscribers is the repair project of the national electricity generators.

A project that, in the face of sanctions and lack of equipment, considers its bargaining chip to be the use of indigenous power and knowledge to provide part of the project equipment, and this issue has significantly contributed to the realization of the desired programs and goals in recent months.

Direct influence in preventing power outages of the Hamrah Aval network, the stability of the mobile network in important national and religious ceremonies and events of the last year and most importantly, the satisfaction of the subscribers of Iran's largest mobile network are the main advantages and features of this project, and success and teamwork in achieving the desired goals, followed by the extension of the contract for this project for one more year.

It is hoped that the efforts and continuity of the efforts of the Naghsh Aval Keyfiat company's engineers will play a leading role in completing their successful record in the telecoms important industry and maintaining mobile communications in the difficult days of Corona for the people of Iran.