Complete coverage of Hamrah Aval in Mashhad Subway by Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company

  • event 2021-10-09
  • person PR NAK
The Holy Mashhad Subway was thoroughly covered by Hamrah Aval Network thanks to the knowledge and specialization of the engineers of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company and Khorasan Razavi Telecommunications.  

According to the public relation department of the company, with the 20-month efforts of the engineers of  Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company and Khorasan Razavi Telecommunications in a technical operation, all routes of the two lines of Holy Mashhad Subway including 37 stations, 26.5km in length could enjoy the cutting-edge technology of Hamrah Aval Network including 3G, 2G, and 4G, and from now on, the subscribers of the first operator of Iran could make use of Hamrah Aval Network calls and data in the subway.
This has been conducted within a short time to gain the satisfaction of the subscribers of the largest mobile operator  and for which the installation and commissioning, Mashhad Bureau design and optimization, transmission, and urgent teams as well as other staff teams worked together not withstanding the existing challenges such as obtain ent of work permit in the subway and Covid-19’s pandemic.

Given the millions of subscribers of Hamrah Aval in Holy Mashhad, it is of high importance to provide services for the residents, pilgrims, and tourists and is, therefore, highly noticed by Hamrah Aval and Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company.