Implementation of the infrastructure of VAR in Azadi Stadium by Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company

  • event 2021-10-17
  • person PR NAK
The engineers of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company succeeded in implementing  the infrastructure of VAR system in Azadi Stadium through conducting a round-the-clock technical operation.  

According to the public relations department of the company, upon the official communication of FIFA to the football federation of Iran for using VAR System for the international matches and the request of the federation to Hamrah Aval for implementation of the infrastructures of this novel technology, the efficient engineers of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company have designed the primary map of the system in cooperation with the transfer management of Hamrah Aval within a short period of time; and then the implementation of this technology was put at the agenda of the Tehran Development Team.

The implementation of the infrastructures for VAR System, which is considered to be a cutting-edge engineering and fully-technical operation, has been conducted for the first time in Iran within the framework of a group work by designing, optimizing, and Tehran transfer and development teams, incessantly within one week.

All side dimensions of Azadi Football Fields , news conference halls, reporters’ room, news photographers’ place, AFC room are among the spaces enjoying high-speed internet of Hamrah Aval Network.

It should be noted that Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company, as the largest entity affiliated with Hamrah Aval, has been always  a pioneer in rendering managed telecommunications services in most parts of Iran, and the operation  is construed as one of the programs , whose VAR infrastructures will be soon implemented and executed in other 12 stadiums upon announcement and agreement by the managers of Hamrah Aval and the football federation.