Site Reinforcement & Rectification of 1000 mobile sites by Naghsh Aval Keifiat

  • event 2022-01-09
  • person PR NAK
During the recent year, the Site Reinforcement & Rectification of 1000 mobile by the engineers of Naghsh Aval Keifiat has been successfully completed in 29 provinces all over the country.

In an interview by the public relations department, Mr. Omid Mohammadi as the Project Manager of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company announced the news of timely completion and complete achievement of the objectives determined by Phase-2 Reinforcement and Phase-1 Rectification projects within the recent year by the capable engineers of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company and added that after defining the project and referral of the works of Hamrah Aval to Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company for increasing the safety level of the biggest operatorof middle east, the capable engineers of the company could succeed in managing and completing the state projects within the specified time interval through conducting integrated teamwork and regular planning and pave the way for obtaining Phase-3 Reinforcement and Phase-2 Rectification projects.

He added increased satisfaction of the subscribers, network stability, promoted network quality, preventing of possible damages to network, and revivifying instable network as some of the objectives of executing the national project in 29 provinces except for Tehran and Alborz Provinces hoping for their colleagues’ increased success in the new phases of the state Reinforcement and Rectification projects.


The manager of the state Reinforcement and Rectification projects added: the challenges as Covid19 pandemic, increased stagflation, passing through impassible roads and paths, shortage of equipment and changes in the project scopes not only has not decreased the project progress, but, we have witnessed remarkable expedition and increase in qualitative and quantitative statistics given enthusiasm, agility, perseverance, accountability, concordance of the colleagues of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company.


In reply to a question based on the innovations made in the Reinforcement and Rectification projects, Mr.Omid Mohammadi recounted the activities such as prefabrication and preparation of the equipment before dispatching to the intended sites, edition of the contractor’s contract for obviating the problems arising from inflation, edition of contract and processes for changes in the executive scope and other issues for realizing this issue and mentioned the efforts for providing new ideas and better innovations as his other plans  in the new phase of this state project.


In the end, he mentioned the obtainment of CRA’s satisfaction as other important achievements of Reinforcement and Rectification projects of Hamrah Aval network and said that the timely completion and achievement of the national project is only possible through the supports of the managing director, deputes, senior managers and cooperation of other directors and technical and staff experts of Naghsh Aval Keifiat Company, and once again extended his special thanks to the colleagues for realizing this issue.