DT Post Possessing Engineer

DT Post Possessing Engineer - Network Planning and Optimization

The key Responsibilities:

  • Direct person to work with MCI.
  • Responsible to provide and define Test Scenario based on Customer KPI Requirement.
  • Responsible to Provide Daily, Weekly and Monthly Test Report.
  • Manage and lead subcontractor for any technical issue.
  • Manage Subcon to Test Result and provide it for Customer.
  • Follow up The customer requirement to provide Desired Report Template.
  • Work with Platform to find any issue that needs to fix by Subcon.
  • Ensure Customer requirement is match to our activity and Plan to perform test.
  • Manage the Subcon to have Maintenance Process.
  • Ensure accuracy of Test.
  • Ability to make follow up all task to deliver customer requirement.
  • Ticketing Report .
  • Daily and Weekly trace and provide availability Probe and Prepare report to Customer.
  • Good Ability to Work With work by Drive test Tool and find the bug.
  • Direct Responsible with Subcon to trace the tasks.
  • Observe Subcon activity.
  • Provide Comparison report for Performance as QOE & QOS from file measurement on Web base tool.

Key Professional Competencies:

  • 2G/3G/4G/VOLTE Fundamental knowledge.
  • 2G/3G/4G/VOLTE Filed Drive test experience.
  • Familiar with mobile Frequency band in all Technology.
  • Familiar with Mobile Network Testing methodology.
  • Familiar with Field Test KPIs and analyse results.
  • Familiar with NEMO outdoor and TEMS Investigation for drive test.
  • Expert in Drive Test Post Processing for Reporting.
  • Good Skill to provide QOE and QOE Test Scenario.
  • Good Knowledge and Experience about KPIs of Drive Test.
  • Expert in MapInfo and Google Earth.
  • Good Experience to work With TEMS Discovery and Actix to Generate Drive test Result.
  • Familiar with Software Programming Architect.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • BS degree in Electronic, Telecom, Computer Engineering.
  • At least 5 years of related Telecom.
  • Familiar with drive test report and analyse.
  • At least 3 years of related post processing by TEMS and NEMO.
  • Intermediate English.
  • Intermediate Knowledge MS Office (Word Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio).
  • Good Telecom and computer field knowledge.
  • Cooperative environment based on teamwork.
  • Soft Skill (Microsoft Office, familiar with computer hardware and software.
  • Good communication and leading skills.
  • Ability to learn Mobile Network and field Test Methodology.
  • Agility.
  • Software Programming Skill .
  • Familiar with Software Structure Tools.